Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why do we have VMAs?

On Sunday, September 2 2007 I missed the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards show. This makes the 23rd consecutive VMA show that I have missed. It is however, the one that I will remember the most. It is impossible to not be aware of Brittney Spears' horrible 'phoned-it-in' performance. Every celebrity blogger in the world (as well as several other bloggers not of this world) has posted something on it. It has also been extensively covered by the Associated Press (a so-called legit news source).

While reading all of the articles that I have read regarding the VMAs and Brittney, something slowly began to rise to surface of my conscience which brought to my mind this question: Why does MTV even have an annual VMA show anymore? I haven't watched the channel in years and even I know that MTV doesn't play videos any more. Hell, I stopped watching MTV because they stopped playing videos. How can you have video awards when you don't air videos? That would be like HBO or Showtime having an awards show for the best commercials aired on their channels.

While I'm at it, why do artists even produce videos anymore? If MTV isn't airing videos; what is the point in spending the money to make a video? There's nothing in it for you. Back when MTV played videos there was a benefit to making a video. The listener not only heard the music on the radio, the listener could also 'see' the music. It gave the artist a chance to get more exposure. The means (cost of the video) justified the ends (exposure and greater record sales). So now I ask: What's the point in all of it? Why make the videos? Why have an 'awards' show? Why doesn't MTV just have an annual 'Big Ole' Fucking Music Party'? Or, how about calling it: "The Annual Music Show That Common Losers Like You Aren't Invited To"?

On a separate, slightly unrelated note. Why doesn't Brittney just get it over with and give Larry Flint a call? I'm thinking she could negotiate a M/M/M/M/F photo shoot. They could use a trailer park as a backdrop. It would be a large photo spread of about ten or fifteen pictures culminating in Brittney getting a massive, gooey cum-bath in a dirty pleather bean-bag chair. Maybe after the photo shoot they could Photoshop the pictures and cut-and-paste Jayden and Sean in the background, complete with rotted teeth and dirty saggy diapers. At least give Hefner a call before she actually does get too fat for air brushing.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Let's kill dogs!

The following is a list of people who, in some way, defended Michael Vick (Falcons QB and dog MURDERER):

Jamie Foxx
Deion Sanders
Stephon Marbury
Roy Jones
Clinton Portis
Chris Morant
William Rhoden
Whoopi Goldberg

What the fuck is wrong with these people? Does this mean that if I go to their homes and kill their dogs it's okay? Does this mean if I set up shop across the street from any one of them with my puppy mill and a big slogan at the door like: "Our dogs are born and bread to make other dogs dead" that they won't take offense? I'm guessing NO on both counts. But then again, I'm not black and I wasn't born and raised down south, therefore it isn't part of my culture and I should know better.

Fuck every one of you!